President Mutharika appeals for World Bank increased budgetary support

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Government has lobbied the World Bank to consider increasing budgetary support among other financial support initiatives it is already doing in the country.

President Mutharika pose with World Bank officials at Sanjika Palace President Mutharika pose with World Bank officials at Sanjika Palace Abel Ikiloni - MANA

President Mutharika made the request at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre when he granted an audience to a team of World Bank officials.


The Malawi leader said his administration cherishes the good relationship existing between the two parties and seeks to enhance the cordial ties for the betterment of the country as a whole. He said the World Bank is an important institution and in collaboration with government will take the people of Malawi from poverty to prosperity.


“We appreciate the support that the World Bank has been giving us for the last 50 years or so. Together we have made a united front against poverty and we should be united in fighting and improving the lives of Malawi People. Our mission is to get Malawi out of poverty,” said President Mutharika.


The Malawi leader cited the economic instability the country found itself in when he got in office in 2014. He said his government has not left any stone unturned to change the narrative on the economic story of the country. He said his administration is working tirelessly to ensure all spheres of development are tilting towards the goals as outlined in Malawi Growth and Development Strategy 111, the fourth medium-term national development strategy aligned to the country's long-term national development aspirations.


“Our Vision remains to turn Malawi from an Importing and consuming nation to becoming a producing and exporting nation. The Malawi Growth and Development strategy spells out how we intend to achieve this vision. Our strategy focuses on priority areas:


“Agriculture and agro processing We want to empower our farmers to increase productivity and transform manufacturing. Secondly, Education and Skills Development. Thirdly Energy, Industry, Mining and Tourism Development, Transport and ICT Infrastructure and finally Health and Population Management.


“When we sine die, we want to invest in three priorities across the spectrum, one creating jobs, two creating jobs and three creating jobs,” said Mutharika.


On her part, World Bank Country Director, Bella Bird, said her institution has a good working relationship with the country and it is in the process of developing a five year programme and would love to see its impact enhanced.


She said: “I was very pleased to meet with His Excellency the President of Malawi today to discuss on priorities he has focused on to deliver services and creating opportunities for people of Malawi. We talked about the importance of growth which creates jobs. We discussed how the private sector can be energized so it creates more opportunities for the country. So what is critical for Malawi is to sustain economic growth and manage shocks be it natural or mismanagement of resources as this derails the gains made.”


Bird expressed confidence in the economy alluding to the fact that not long ago the country was listed to be rising quickly on ease of doing business index.

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