APM inaugurates Nsanje–Marka Road construction work

Written by  Gladys Maleke and Austin Kakande

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has promised to improve life standards of people in Nsanje district through mass developments his government is set tol deliver in next five years when ushered into power in next week's elections.


Professor Mutharika was speaking at Nsanje Prison Ground during a mass rally he conducted after launching the construction work of 29 kilometer long Nsanje–Marka Road.

The road, which is connecting Malawi and Mozambique, has been the remaining piece to complete the M1 Road that stretches between Nsanje in the Southern tip of Malawi and Karonga, which is the Northern tip of the country.

Wholly financed by the Government of Malawi to the tune of MK10.1 billion, once completed, the road will help facilitate  transportation of goods and services between Malawi and Mozambique.

Addressing the masses after the launching ceremony, President Mutharika asked people of Nsanje to vote for him and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as he has demonstrated to be development conscious.

Mutharika said in the next five years, his government has planned to develop Nsanje district which has been under developed for a long time comparing to other districts of the country.

Among others, the Malawi leader said in the next five years, his administration will operationalise Nsanje World In-land Port.

“Nsanje Port was a dream of my brother, Bingu. It remains my dream too and a commitment of the DPP,” said President Mutharika.

Speaking earlier, Senior Chief Malemia applauded the government of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for various developments that have been implemented in the district over the past years.

Malemia assured APM that people in the district are all aware of good fruits of DPP and they are ready to show their appreciation by voting him into power again next week to continue developing the district.

Construction of Nsanje-Marka Road is expected to be completed by March, 2021.

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