Donors satisfied with social cash transfer progress

Written by  Mana

Donor Agency KFW of Germany has commended Malawi Government on the implementation of Social Cash Transfer program, saying it is benefiting the ultra-poor.

Virginie Lafleur-Tighe appreciating Virginie Lafleur-Tighe appreciating

This was revealed during the tour which the European Union delegation to the Republic of Malawi had in Mchinji on Tuesday to appreciate Social Cash Transfer Program and Unified Beneficiary Registry (UBR) survey which are under way in the district.

Social Sectors and Infrastructure Team Leader, Virginie Lafleur-Tighe said since its inception in 2006, the program has helped Malawi Government to reduce poverty and hunger among poor and labour-constrained households.

This is because it targets the elderly, those living with disabilities, and child and women-headed households among other groups.

“We have noticed that the program has really helped as according to reports and what we have seen on the ground, it has contributed a lot to increase in school enrolment and attendance,” she said.

The team leader also commended Malawi Government among other countries in Africa for introducing Unified Beneficiary Registry (UBR) which provides a single source of information on households eligible for social support services.

She said UBR will help to strengthen the coordination of social support programmes and ease the challenges encountered in the targeting of beneficiaries.

“UBR will help in registering potential beneficiaries of social support programs,” she added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director for Social Cash Transfer Program, Laurent Kansinjiro has said from 2014 up to date, close to MK59 billion has been transferred to beneficiaries of the program across the country.

Kansinjiro said UBR survey, which is currently underway in the country, will strengthen graduation tracking for those who should be removed from the program after they are no longer eligible.

“We have a lot of people in villages that can also benefit from the program, so for us to trace households which are to be exited, we will use the unified beneficiary registry and enrol other households,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries, a 72 year old woman Oliper Chitini hailed the program, saying it has helped her to buy livestock and was able to pay school fees for her grandchildren.  

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