APM visits flood victims in Thyolo

Written by  Joseph Mgawi, MBC Stringer-Thyolo

President Arthur Peter Mutharika on Wednesday visited people that were affected by the stormy rains and floods in Thyolo.


The stormy rains began on the 5th to 8th March and affected over 20 different traditional authorities in the district. A total of 30, 359 households were affected, translating into 90, 000 people.

Speaking at Molele and Mtambanyama Primary School Ground, President Mutharika assured the affected people that his administration will make sure that no one dies of hunger as the aftermath of the floods.

He also highlighted on how the Malata and Cement Subsidy Programme has helped some people to prevent their houses from falling down due to heavy rains that the country received. He said through this programme some of the victims will also be helped.

“As long as I am President of this country, no one is going to die of hunger, that was the reason why I stood my ground against opposition’s pressure for me to sell the maize from our silos,” said the President Mutharika.

The Minister of Homeland Security, Nicolas Dausi, in support of the President’s statement, urged the people that were affected to register with authorities within their surrounding villages for them to be easily assisted. He also urged transparency among the different T/A’s that have been affected during the process of registering the people who have been affected.

T/A Khwethemule is one of the most affected areas in the district. Over 4 thousand households were affected, with their dwelling houses damaged. Over 13 thousand people were affected and 656.1 hectares of fields were damaged. Speaking to the people on the gathering, T/A Khwethemule urged the people in Thyolo to plant trees and conserve vegetation as it helps to prevent flooding incidences. Among other areas and T/A’s that were affected include Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa, T/A Bvumbwe, T/A Chimaliro and Senior Chief Kapichi.

In his visit to Thyolo, President Mjutharika first visited the affected people who gathered at Molere Primary School ground and then proceeded to Mtambanyama Primary School ground where other affected people gathered. Thyolo is one of the 14 districts that were hit by stormy rains that have caused death, injuries and damage to households.

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