Balaka to have 7 new sec schools - Msaka

Written by  Towera Chisi MBC Stringer
Seven new secondary schools will be built in Balaka as part of the countrywide scheme, Bright Msaka, DPP’s vice president for the Eastern region, said on Sunday.
Minister of Education Bright Msaka Minister of Education Bright Msaka
“Balaka will be a beneficiary of these schools from a countrywide project of 300 secondary schools,” Msaka told a rally at Manica ground.
He said the 300 schools will be built in one year, starting this year. He added this was one way of “eradicating poverty as educated citizens get empowered with knowledge and how they can manage themselves.”
 “The next generation must not be like us, it must be a generation full of educated people capable of taking the responsibility of developing this country and making this country compete with the world out their,” said Msaka, who is also Minister of Education.
 At the rally, Msaka introduced shadow MPs who will stand on the DPP ticket. The party, led by President Arthur Peter Mutharika, is fielding 192 parliamentary candidates throughout the country and it has been tipped to win both the presidency and parliament by two independent polls.
Malawi goes to the polls on May 21. The polls have been described as a “watershed” by Mutharika, saying the choice was between moving forward by voting his party or sliding backwards by voting the opposition.

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