50-50 Campaign crucial for national development

Written by  Laura Tebulo - MEC Stringer

The aspiring parliamentary candidate for Ntchisi South, Violet Skeva has asked people in the country to put more women into power come May 21, 2019.

Violet Skeva verifying her credentials with MEC Official Violet Skeva verifying her credentials with MEC Official

According to Skeva, women are better placed as leaders as they know most of the challenges affecting people in the country.


Skeva who is vying for a parliamentary seat on a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ticket made the sentiments during the presentation of nomination papers on Monday February 4, 2018 at Ntchisi primary school.

According to Skeva, women are vital in championing bills that affect women and children hence the need for equal representation in parliament.

"It is of outer most importance to put us women in power for a positive change," said Skeva.

In the case of Ntchisi, she said that though the district feeds large section of the country but still the people wallow in hunger because there are no structures in place to safeguard the harvest.

"As a woman I know how hunger affects our district and once am elected into power I will put structures in place to ensure food security and hunger will be a thing of the past," said Skeva.

She said that this is the time for women to stand up and take part in uplifting people’s lives in their respective areas.

So far a number of female aspirants have since presented their nomination papers to contest in the forthcoming Tripartite Elections.

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