Co-existence crucial for national building, Atupele unveils Mwenefumbo as running mate

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

As the country is in a high mood of the impending tripartite elections, on Thursday 7th February, UDF Party torch bearer, Atupele Austin Muluzi, presented his papers to Malawi Electoral Commission at Chichiri International Conference Centre in Blantyre and subsequently unveiled Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo as his running mate.

Atupele Muluzi poses with his running mate and MEC Officials Atupele Muluzi poses with his running mate and MEC Officials

The incumbent Minister of Health emphasized on the need for co-existence as it is a panacea for national development. He reasoned that despite people being affiliated to different political, religious and tribal groupings, it is possible to make a better Malawi by working together to enhance national building efforts.


“I have demonstrated over the years that we can work together to build a better Malawi. In this regard, tolerance and respect to democratic principles run paramount in changing livelihoods of the citizenry in this country. It is quite possible to develop the country by ignoring our personal interests and focus on over arching national goals,” said Muluzi.


On his part, MEC’s Chairperson, Dr. Jayne Ansah, re-emphasised on the need for the country’s political parties’ adherence to MEC’s code of conduct. She said political violence and hate speech have no place in this era of multiparty politics. She then called on all players on the political scene to practise clean politics what she reffered to as ‘Issue-based’ campaign.


Earlier on Monsignor Father Boniface Tamani committed the whole electoral process in prayer so that the country holds free and fair elections. He further said divine governance should be reflected on the country’s leadership so that Malawi continues to enjoy the fruits of democracy.

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