TNM Awards Winner of K10m TNM Bwalo Likule Promotion

Written by  Chimwemwe Milulu

It is a dream that has come true for the Mzimba-based 33 year old Elias Saidi, working as a maize miller, who has become a millionaire after winning the 10 million Kwacha grand prize in TNM Bwalo Likule Promotion.


The third and last of the grand prize winners since the competition started three months ago, Saidi, a father of two, says his story will now change for the better.

Earning 14 thousand kwacha a month from his current job, Saidi says he has been struggling to make his ends meet and sustain his family.

‘I have been working in maize mills for many years but my life could not change. I thank TNM for the promotion which has seen me winning this prize. I will now buy my own maize mill and invest the rest of the money in other smaller businesses. I believe it will improve the livelihoods of my family and parents.’

Speaking during the 10 million Kwacha cheque presentation ceremony at the winners village, Dumiya, in the area of Inkosi Chindi in Mzimba District, TNM’s Regional Distribution Manager, Yamikani Bakuwa, said the promotion has achieved its intended objectives.

‘As TNM, we are happy that the promotion has lived to its objective of changing the lives of our lucky customers. Since it started three months ago, we have been overwhelmed by the response and we believe it has been a rewarding experience for our customers,’ said Bakuwa.

Bakuwa added that there has been a steady growth in usage of TNM products and services mobile telecommunications company has given out a total of 52 million Kwacha cash and airtime during the promotion period.

Elias Saidi’s parents, originally from Ntaja in Machinga District, came to Mabalachanda over 30 years ago to work in estates as tenants. The family has since settled in the area.

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