Mzimba based TNM customer wins final K10m 'Bwalo Likule' jackpot

Written by  Our Reporter

Malawi's own integrated mobile network and ICT service provider,  TNM plc has concluded Bwalo Likule promotion with Mzimba based subscriber, Elias Milazi Saidi emerging winner of the third K10 million monthly grand prize.

TNM customer conducting a draw TNM customer conducting a draw

Attempts by TNM officials to break the news to the winner proved futile as the winning number could not be reached, but through other avenues  [thanks to mandatory sim registration] they managed to get hold of his details.


"We will keeping on trying the number. It was duly registered and it will certainly be reachable at some stage, " said Sobhuza Ngwenya, one of the TNM officials.

The company rolled out the promotion to spread the benefits of staying on network and for their support to the company's products and services. The final draw brought the total jackpot to K30 million.

TNM's Chief Officer - Sales and Marketing - Daniel Makata said the company was happy to give out the K10 million final prize.

"Bwalo Likule promotion was designed to spread the benefits of staying on truly Malawi's home grown mobile and ICT network service provider to more customers beyond the winner. As TNM we are happy that the promotion has lived to its objective of sharing and we believe customers have enjoyed the rewards during this period, " said Makata.

Makata said since the launch of the promotion in September, the company has given out over K52 million in cash and airtime.

"Since we launched this promotion the response has been good. This is demonstrated by the increasing numbers of qualified entries into fortnightly draws and new acquisitions we have had during the promotion," he added.

Over K30 million in monthly grand prizes has already been won in the three-monthly grand draws by three lucky winners,  who received K10 million each and sharing K5 million of their cash prize to 20 TNM subscribers of their choice.  Every month,  in addition to cash shared with them, the 20 nominated subscribers were also getting 100 minutes monthly for five months as part of their benefit in the promotion.

There have also been fortnightly draws during which 10 subscribers were winning K100,000 each and five subscribers K500,000 each. During the same fortnightly, customers we're required to use a minimum of K200 airtime every two weeks. The promotion ran from 6 September to 29 November 2018.

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