APM emphasises on dialogue

Written by  Eunice Ndhlovu

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has described Malawi’s contribution to the 73rdUnited Nations General Assembly as important for it gave chance to the country to be heard on different issues affecting Malawians.

President Prof. Mutharika on his arrival at KIA President Prof. Mutharika on his arrival at KIA

The State President was speaking on arrival at Kamuzu international airport in Lilongwe on Monday.

‘It was exciting visit though challenging, we worked very hard all of us, myself, First Lady, the ministers and civil servants who came. We contributed a lot, there were different panels we participated in,” indicated President Mutharika.

Prof. Mutharika said as a country Malawi finds United Nations a very important organization and as a person he also believes in the ideals of the UN.

President Mutharika however urged civil society organizations in the country to pursue dialogue whenever there are misunderstandings.

‘Let me take this advantage to say, I sincere miss the mass demonstrations of 90 people in Blantyre and 120 people in Zomba. I miss it because it’s a sign now that these misguided people should know that Malawians want dialogue and not demonstrations or confrontations’, Said President Mutharika.

He further said the demonstrations were a complete flop and advised the civil society to take it as a last time they organize such demonstrations.

“ I hope this is the last time this kind of attitude stops or come to an end, let’s work together as one country instead of pulling each other back,” advised the Head of State.

Asked whether he will accommodate dialogue himself, the president was quick to point out that He was the first one who proposed to dialogue and his office is always open to everyone in the country.

At the world leader’s general assembly, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika made an address in which he emphasized his and African Union’s position on the need for the UN to accommodate African representation through permanent seats in the Security Council.


His first meeting to attend was the Global Peace-Nelson Mandela Peace Summit where he said Malawi will always go out and defend peace where ever it is under threat. He also co-chaired with former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, a high-level meeting at the UN International Commission on financing global education.

This was an opportunity where he called on countries to invest in education. These are few highlights of the numerous assignments that President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika conducted while in New York-United states of America.

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