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One cannot fight corruption single handedly – APM

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President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has reiterated that corruption in the country cannot be fought by one person hence it needs concerted efforts if the country is to fight the vice.

Let us fight corruption together - APM Let us fight corruption together - APM

Responding to a question in MBC Talk to the President, the Malawi leader said as one way of showing seriousness to fight against the vice his administration is pursuing corruption cases including cashgate. He said ACB is working as an independent body to deal with all corrupt practices citing stopping contracts at Escom suspected to be awarded without following procedures.

“Since 2014, my administration is working tirelessly to fight corruption. Corruption cannot be fought by one person as even in churches there is corruption. We need to work together to fight it,” President Mutharika said pointing out that some people are politicizing corruption.

On development, President Mutharika said his administration since 2014 has managed to do about 290 projects. He said the developments are everywhere across the country for everyone to see.


He said under his leadership, the country has managed to construct roads, hospitals, schools, bridges among others.

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