Chiradzulu West Constituency rallies behind DPP and its Legislator

Written by  Mayeso Chikhadzula

People of Chiradzulu West constituency have commended the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and  its Parliamentarian, Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano for ensuring that the area does not lag behind in terms of development.

Part of the gathering that attended the meeting Part of the gathering that attended the meeting

Speaking at Chikanga Primary School ground in the area, the party leaders said they want the Parliamentarian to continue with his development agenda for the area even beyond 2019.
In his remarks the constituency governor for Chiradzulu West Bernardo Kizito January urged party members to continue being united to strengthen the party in the area.


"Our Member of Parliament has spearheaded development projects in this area: talk of education, food security, youth empowerment, road construction, a lot has happened in just four years," said January.


The constituency party leaders said they are rallying behind the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and the incumbent legislator for the area, Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano, because of the developments that have been implemented during the past four years.

In her remarks governess for the area Alepha Chokocha Kapalasa said the developments are too many to mention and cannot be compared to projects initiated in the area since the dawn of multiparty politics.

“Every year we plant trees to conserve the environment in this constituency, since we have trees, it is also easier to start bee keeping. Further to that we have agricultural initiatives such as organic farming in the light of climate change. I would also like to highlight another initiative in this area which has seen our needy children attain secondary education though Chiradzulu West Trust Fund, all these are clear testimonies why we are rallying behind the DPP and Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano,” said Kapalasa.


Chiradzulu West Constituency is one of the areas that have benefited from development projects under the DPP led administration.

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