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Madam Mutharika advocates for a manageable family size

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Her Excellency Professor Gertrude Mutharika has underscored the importance of family planning by asking couples to take up various family planning methods that suit their income.

Madame Mutharika during the function Madame Mutharika during the function

Speaking at Luchenza Catholic Primary School Ground, Madam Mutharika said every family should plan on a number of children that they can manage to take care of and educate.

Madame Mutharika added that times have changed and gone are the days when people bore many children as a symbol of wealth as life has become too expensive.

“Family planning methods do play a major role in securing one’s future. If we have many children and our income is low, we will not be able to sustain the upkeep of these children and in the end we subject ourselves to endless poverty,” explained Madame Mutharika.

Professor Gertrude Mutharika also urged women to go for breast and cervical cancer screening, adding that early detection of these diseases help save lives of a lot of women.

“Cancer is fatal but we are trying to contain it by advocating for frequent screenings. We have seen women that had cancer but are now survivors because of early detection and treatment. Let us save lives by getting screened,” urged Madame Mutharika.

During the function, men and women were given a chance to ask on various family planning methods and information they wanted to know about cervical cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer and cholera.

Madame Mutharika greets some of the elderly people at Luchenza 

At the end of the function, Professor Gertrude Mutharika gave assorted items to about 400 elderly people which included blankets, salt and sugar among others.

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