Department of disaster to launch recovery activities

Written by  Chisomo Ngulube

The Department of Disaster Management Affairs is currently gathering reports from district commissions affected by floods ahead of resettlement of those who were affected by floods that devastated the country’s 15 districts.

Principal Secretary Paul Chiunguzeni Principal Secretary Paul Chiunguzeni

Principal Secretary in the Department Francis Chiunguzeni said this on Friday when his Department received a K500,000 donation from the Malawi Institute of Management (MIM).

He said officers from the Department were consulting District Councils on how this would be carried out and to assess areas where the internally displaced people came from to determine whether the people are safe to return or not.

“If they are not safe to return then it is for the District Councils through the Chiefs to identify alternative land where these people can be resettled. So we are waiting for feedback from the reports of District Councils and once we get those reports then our activities are going to be in accordance with the reports we are going to get,” Chiunguzeni said.

Chiunguzeni pointed out that although the Department is through with the emergency phase, it would launch recovery activities and hoped the money from the Malawi Institute of Management will assist in planning and implementing the recovery activities.

He also said the reports would determine whether people need to be relocated or simply resettled.

Speaking on the donation from MIM, the PS said since most of the affected have missed out on a growing season, they will need more assistance.

Presenting the donation Executive of Director of MIM Precious Givah said the gesture was meant to show solidarity with those currently suffering.

“We felt that we needed to do something because our institution deals with human resources. People who have been affected are human beings and therefore we need to help in alleviating their suffering” Givah pointed out.

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