Women groups changing lives in Mzuzu

Written by  Alex Mwangosi

Chairperson of Tiyanjane Women Group at Mchenga-utuwa township in Mzuzu City Agnes Chipeta says women groups are instrumental in improving people`s livelihoods at household level in Malawi.


Chipeta made the remarks after members of the group shared kitchen wares worth over K108,000 contributed by its membership over a period of four months.

“Our group, which has a core duty to save money and give out loans, has a special fund which is used to buy kitchen utensils periodically for use by its members in their family,” Agnes Chipeta said.

She advised women in the country to form groups and venture into small scale businesses through village savings and loans.

“Let me advise all women in Malawi to be in groups because it helps to purchase commodities of one`s dreams. Time to look up to husbands for everything is over,” said Chipeta.

She also said members share dividends annually which carter for other needs.

“We share our money on 31st December every year with the least pocketing about K200,000 while the highest get more than K300 ,000,” outlined Chipeta.

Tiyanjane Women Group started in January 2013 with a membership of 20 women.


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