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UGI offers 15 % discount on all comprehensive motor vehicle policies

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In a quest to continue providing tailor-made insurance solutions to customers,United General Insurance (UGI) announces the introduction of 15 percent discount for all its comprehensive motor vehicle policies.

Bywell Chiwoni :UGI Chief Executive Officer Bywell Chiwoni :UGI Chief Executive Officer

UGI Chief Executive Officer Bywell Chiwoni said the offer signifies the company’s "bold commitment towards fulfilling its promise to move its customers forward along with them on the journey into the future".

“With this discount,UGI is re-writing the rules of access to insurance by offering 15 percent discount   attached to our all comprehensive motor insurance policies to make them more accessible, flexible and cheaper to the customers. This means that if you comprehensively insure your vehicle with UGI and pay your full premium within 30 days you will get 15 present discount,” Chiwoni said

Chiwoni said the offer includes the newly launched Auto shield and Auto serve policies with full benefits on top of the discount and the offer will run up to August 31,2019.

“UGI has taken its quest to provide tailor-made insurance solutions to a new level by bringing a value-added insurance to Malawi by launching free fleet management solution under its AutoServepolicies.The fleet management system accords organizations with relatively sized fleet to be able to control abuse of their vehicles and to stop fuel theft in order to maximise profits,” he said.

Chiwoni said as UGI, they strive to make progress real by bringing to its customers superior and innovative insurance solutions to meet their customer’s needs.

“Moving forward, UGI is committed to transforming the lives of our customers for the better and to contribute to the country’s prosperity. We believe that when our customers are empowered with insurance solutions that meet their needs, they will be better placed to contribute meaningfully to their personal and business life as well as the nation. Ultimately, we are passionate about moving our customers forward,” he said.

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