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Police to probe if MCP’s Chakwera ‘prepared to spill blood’ speech interlinked with violence

Written by  Felix Mponda

Police are probing MCP leader and presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera if his statement that he is “prepared to spill blood “ is directly interlinked with politically-motivated violence” which has occurred in several political hot beds of the country, especially Lilongwe, Blantyre and the Lower Shire.

Rodney Jose: Malawi Police IG Rodney Jose: Malawi Police IG

“Police are following up on this. If there is direct link, appropriate action will be taken. The law will take its course,” Sledge Yoosuf, Police Commissioner for Southern Region said at a presser convened by Inspector General of Police Rodney Jose.

Chakwera, alongside his deputy Sidik Mia and senior party officials, last week told a news conference in Blantyre that his party was going to court to stop MEC from announcing presidential results. He accused MEC of rigging, warning that he was prepared to “spill blood” in order to get to justice.

Chakwera, who in the first round of results led incumbent President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika of DPP by 8,900 votes, turned to the courts after the tables were turned down the following day when MEC announced it was now Mutharika who was leading by 40.49 percent against Chakwera’s 35. 44 percent.

On Abida Mia’s roadblocks

On claims that Abida Mia, wife of MCP’s deputy Sidik Mia, Yoosuf said they had not received reports that Mia mounted roadblocks to search people.

“We will take appropriate action if this is true to stop this. No member of the public is allowed to mount roadblocks. She was taking law into her own hands, we will let the law take its course.”

The High Court in Lilongwe is yet to make its verdict on the order as the nation patiently waits for the ruling by High Court Judge Charles Mkandawire.

MEC has said it will abide by the court order although its has finalized counting the controversial votes.

The MCP claims a string of irregularities in the vote count and wants results of some ten districts recounted.

The delay in announcing the results has infuriated mainly MCP supporters who have been involved in violence in Central and South of the country, claiming that the vote has been stolen by MEC from Chakwera.

MEC's Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah insists that the electoral body was meticuosly working on the results by cleaning all gray areas to announce a credible and transparent result accepted by all stakeholders.

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