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Govt. to upgrade city roads- stop traffic jams

Written by  Eunice Ndhlovu

The Minister of Transport and Public Works has assured members of parliament that government will upgrade city roads to be dual carriage in all places that traffic jams.


The Minister responsible Francis Kasaila made the remarks in response to a question from member for Kasungu south east Khumbize Chiponda who asked what government is doing to deal with congestion in city roads.


Kasaila said government is aware of the challenge that is there because of the increased number of vehicles in the cities of the country.


The Minister says his ministry has been sourcing funds to do maintenance works in all city roads but at the moment Lilongwe will be a priority.


“The ministry would want to have money from the transport sector that will facilitate improvements to roads in the city without waiting for government budget or donors” said Kasaila.


He said one of the problems to congestion is the junctions and roundabouts, saying there is a plan to take out these so that vehicles should flow without any unnecessary stopping.


“We have plans to dualise some of our roads starting with roads to City Centre from Kamuzu Central Hospital, and the one from City Centre going to area 18 roundabout,” said Kasaila.

He said these roads are always congested during rush hour in the morning and evening.


However the minister said there is need for the country to look at another alternative to ease traffic jams which is improved public transport services.


Kasaila specified that his ministry would love to meet and discuss with investors who can run an efficient public transport system where people can jump in when going to work than everybody driving. 


“If you look into the compendium with investments under the infrastructure you will see that one area that we are seeking investors is public transport services, and a number of investors showed interest and we gave them the data that we have and probably they are sourcing funds they might come at an appropriate time” said the Minister.


Kasaila said this is one area that private sector can help government because all these challenges cannot be solved by government alone.  


He observed that with increased population and the influx of personal cars even if the roads were dual carriage the problem may be still there.

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