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Political parties hail nice

Written by  Given Chichitike- MEC stringer

Political parties in Mchinji have recommended National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) for coordinating the political parties without taking sides.


District governors for Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Peoples Party (PP), Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) all recommended NICE for uniting them despite their political differences.

Speaking during the launch of the by-election in Mtope Ward at Chiosya, district governor for MCP, Crispin K Banda applauded NICE for uniting the parties despite their political differences.

Responding to MEC commissioner, Reverend Dr. Chinkwita Phiri’s asked for peace during the by-election period, Banda put the commissioner at ease saying political parties in the district are united.

“Our Commissioner, here in Mchinji, as leaders of political parties we are united. As you can observe we are sitting together here not just to blind you but to show you that we are united. But in all this we recommend NICE for the well job they are doing”, said Banda.

Mr. Ignasio Tembo, DPP’s district governor also seconded his counterpart saying NICE is not affiliated to any party hence its electoral messages are well balanced and motivating.

“Nice is such an organization which is with us all the time, during elections or indeed after elections. They bring leaders of different parties together and encourage us to pursue our development goals as one”, said Tembo.

Mchinji district governor for PP, Mr. Wilfred Nyirenda, AFORD’s governor Mr. Nicholus Kamoto and UDF’s Mrs. Dorothy Joseph also hailed NICE for uniting them which minimizes political conflicts in the district.

Mchinji district civic education officer, Ruben Nyirenda, appreciated the recommendations from political party leaders saying their effort are bearing fruits.

“We engage them in dialogues each and every time when there issues and when there are no issues. We build capacity for political parties which helps us to enhance co-existence of political parties which prevents misunderstandings among the parties”, said Nyirenda.

Malawi Electoral Commission organized the by-election launch in Mtope ward in Mchinji marking the beginning of political processes in preparation for the elections which will take place on 22 December in the ward following the demise of Mr.John Msumatiza in July this year.

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