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Parliamentarians Start Deliberating APM’s State Of Nation Address

Written by  Sam Phiri

Members of Parliament have started responding to the state of the nation address delivered in the house by President Peter Mutharika during the opening of the first meeting of the 46th session of the National Assembly.

Mutharika with PPs Uladi Mussa at Parliament Mutharika with PPs Uladi Mussa at Parliament

Member of Parliament for Mulanje Bale Victor Musowa kick-started the deliberations by moving a motion that the house had agreed to the president's address.

Among others, Musowa said the address was eloquent despite people saying it was short.

Opposition political party leaders criticized the address as being short and without solutions to some of the challenges faced by the nation.
But Musowa said long state of the nation address without action is nothing.

“The president gave us a chance to choose our destiny by telling us that we need to work together and forget finger pointing.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, Kukhalitsa pa Msika sikutakata, we have listened to state of the nation addresses previously which were long and without action, this was unique and straight to the point,” said Musowa before moving the motion which was seconded by Machinga Likwenu MP for United Democratic Party(UDF) Davie Lali.

Lali hailed the President's address saying it gives hope to Malawians on what their government has in stock for them.

Later as per tradition it was the turn for the leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera to respond to the address.

Among other issues, Chakwera asked government to expedite the distribution of farm inputs and ensure the provision of drugs in the county's hospitals and put measures to address the challenge of drug pilferage.

Chakwera also urged government to speed up the completion of cash gate cases which he says seem to target only small figures.

On the environment Chakwera had these observations, “How do we expect to end Electricity blackouts when trees are being cut down wantonly? When Charcoal business is flourishing next to Police road blocks?


But Chakwera went further to attack Mutharika which did not go down well with the government side and the leader of the house Francis Kasaila who put the records straight.

“It’s not that the head of state is clinging to power, but let us be mindful that we have a head of state who was duly elected by Malawians to lead this country for five years,” he said.

The speaker was in agreement to what the leader of the house observed. “Legally the leader of the house is right and the leader of opposition in parliament is really out of order,” said Msowoya.

On his part PP leader Uladi Mussa also gave his response to the President's speech.

He said Government must deal with the current economic issue by not pointing fingers at anyone.

He went further by pleading with government to consider releasing retirement benefits for the former President and PP founder Joyce Banda.

The house will this week dedicate its deliberations to responses to the state of the nation address and the leader of the house is tomorrow expected to move a motion asking the house to resuscitate bills that were left over in the previous session.

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