Written by  Patrick Dambula in Dubai

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Monday said his government has made significant strides towards addressing climate change challenges by changing its approach to the Nationally Determined Contributions-NDC’s, an outline of steps which governments commit to taking to address climate change.

Dr Chakwera speaking during the meeting Dr Chakwera speaking during the meeting

President Chakwera said this during a plenary session at the  Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation Community G-STIC Conference taking place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


NDC’s embody efforts and steps taken by each country to reduce national emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change and they are submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) every five years.


The President said Malawi has included a wide range of things in its updated NDC which it submitted to UNFCC on July 30 this year.


“In the updated NDC Malawi has included five new sectors and subsectors which were absent from the 2015 NDC. They included transport, biodiversity, tourism, social protection and disaster risk management and early warning systems."


Dr Chakwera said it is this kind of approach that has resulted in the country making significant strides towards addressing climate change.


He added, “The robust adaptation components of Malawi’s NDC cover a wide range of sectors and includes adaptation options by sector aimed at enhancing resilience and reducing risks from climate change. These include Effective and efficient Early Warning Systems, accessible and harmless water,  blooming biodiversity and ecosystems and eco-tourism, smart agriculture, livestock and fisheries, climate-proofed buildings, energy systems, healthy and protected people. As a nation, we are confident that the informed and targeted climate actions in our NDC is proving useful in accelerating efforts in the fight against climate change."


The President further said the approach his government has taken has yielded direct results in addressing the challenges of climate change.


“The net effect of this approach is that Malawi has made significant strides towards addressing climate change. We have developed and are implementing the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPA) and a National 8 Climate Change Response Framework (NCCRF). In 2016, Malawi adopted the National Climate Change Management Policy (NCCMP) which provides strategic direction to our priorities for climate change interventions covering both adaptation and mitigation. Malawi has also put in place a series of legislative sectoral frameworks and strategies to integrate environment and climate change management in socio-economic development activities, including within the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS III) and the Malawi 2063 Vision," said Dr Chakwera.


Director in the Ministry of Energy, Cassius Chiwambo, said Malawi now has its own NDC centre and is among the 3 countries chosen for the pilot phase of the project with other countries being Morocco and Uganda. He said the establishment of an NDC centre means that among other advantages, Malawi will have accurate data on the distribution of energy thereby making it a role model to the rest of Africa.


Malawi’s NDC outlines post-2020 climate change priorities and includes mitigation and adaptation targets and measures, with concrete strategies for addressing the causes of climate change and responding to its effects.



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