WaterAid supports Bwaila Hospital, Lilongwe market in COVID-19 prevention

Written by  MBC Online

WaterAid in Malawi handed over handwashing facilities and other supplies to Bwaila Hospital and Lilongwe Main Market to help in prevention of COVID-19.

Councillor Thundu: Washing his hands Councillor Thundu: Washing his hands

WaterAid in Malawi has intensified COVID-19 prevention drive by supporting healthcare facilities and markets with supplies and COVID-19 messages.


WaterAid in Malawi Country Director Mercy Masoo said healthcare facilities and markets should have the sanitation and hygiene facilities which will help in prevention of infectious diseases including COVID-19.


“I have gone around the hospital and I am impressed to see some handwashing stations. We are here to supplement what you are already doing and we commendyou for promoting handwashing.


“If you do not have WASH facilities in places like this, where a lot of people come when they are sick, it is easy for others to get infected. Most of the infectious diseases are prevented by washing hands with soap. We want to


lessen the burden by supporting the health care facilities. We will be supporting a total of 90 health care facilities in Malawi,” she said.


District Nursing and Midwifery Officer at Bwaila Hospital, Bertha Kaudza, said WaterAid has come at the right time to hold their hand.


“We are grateful to WaterAid for this donation, you are the first to help us with the supplies which will help us to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We appeal to other stakeholders to help us too so that together we canprevent this disease which has already caused suffering and death in other countries,” she said.


In an interview at Lilongwe Main Market on Tuesday, Councillor Reuben Thundu said duty bearers should encourage Malawians to embrace hygiene behaviours.


“People should know that handwashing is something that they should do regularly. What I have seen so far is that people see the need to wash hands and this should continue happening.


“We are grateful to WaterAid for the support. Many people visit this market everyday. I appeal to other well-wishers to also help us with handwashing facilities and supplies so that we are well-prepared,” he said.


Apart from handwashing facilities, WaterAid Malawi also handed over supplies such as chlorine, laundry soap and buckets.


Covid-19 is spread through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The common symptoms include high fever, tiredness and dry cough.


To prevent infection and to slow transmission of COVID-19, WaterAid encourages everyone to wash hands regularly with soap and water, or clean the hands with alcohol-based hand rub; maintain at least 1 metre dista

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