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In keeping up with technological advancements on the global market, Puma Energy has launched an innovative approach that will help its clients to access services and order fuel whilst at home.
Lanjesi: The innovation enables much convenience and flexibility Lanjesi: The innovation enables much convenience and flexibility
The E-Puma portal is the first of its kind to be launched in Africa. During the launch of the product in Blantyre, Minister of Energy Newton Kambala hailed PUMA for the innovation. 
At this juncture Kambala took an opportunity to urge management of the company to create more jobs complimenting the drive of the Tonse Administration of reducing unemployment in the country.
The Minister said it is possible to realise this objective if both public and private sector work jointly towards the goal. 
“I am very excited for this innovation because it gives people an opportunity to do transactions in the comfort of their homes. Ordinarily ICT can place people out of employment but you will also appreciate that once you use high tech solutions you create more business that can attract employment. As Government this gives us hope that as businesses become creative they will employ more people,” said Kambala.
Managing Director for PUMA Energy Davies Lanjesi said the e-portal is a timely innovation in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic saying it will bring convenience to its customers. 
Lanjesi disclosed that plans are underway to establish more fuel stations which will help to create jobs for Malawians. 
“E-Puma is a new innovation it’s a solution that will promote interface between Puma and our customers. What this platform will provide is an efficient and real time communication. 
"Our customers will be able to place orders in the comfort of their homes whether they are in Bahamas so long they have internet connectivity  and funds in their account so they can place an order and they also have a privilege to see how that the order has been processed and delivered to the retail sites. On the other hand the technology also helps us to reduce person to person contact in the wake of COVID-19,” said Lanjesi. 
Puma opened its doors in 2011, with the acquisition of BP's operations in Malawi.
Not long ago it also introduced the Puma My Fuel Card that now accounts for 29% of the company’s retail sales in Malawi.

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