Written by  Hassan Phiri
President Dr Lazarus Chakwera is meeting the family of the late John Kawajika at Mpundi Village in the area of Traditional Authority Namavi in Mangochi. 
Arrival of Dr Chakwera in Mpundi Village Arrival of Dr Chakwera in Mpundi Village
The late Kawajika was killed by followers of Masauko Chipembere during the Malawi Congress Party rule in 1971. 
History states  that the late Kawajika was working as Chairperson of  the Malawi Congress Party and as an intelligence officer. 
According to the late Kawajika's niece, Poison M'bwana, Kawajika wa killed at Moto Village by followers of Chipembere on suspicion that he was against the love affair between his Sister Abiti Maleta and one of the followers for Masauko Chipembere. 
The incident resulted in Moto village being raided where some people were killed and others were arrested for close to two years at Maula Prison and Dzaleka between 1971 and 1972.
The President is also expected to visit Moto Village in the area of Senior Chief Chowe in Mangochi on a reconciliation mission. 

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