Written by  MANA

Acting District Commissioner (DC) for Chikwawa, Dr. Stalin Zinkanda has faulted Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating in the district for failing to disclose their budgets.


The DC faulted the NGOs on Monday during stakeholders mapping dissemination exercise at the Boma.


He said the tendency is putting the Council in dark as to how much resources partners operating in the district allocate to their project areas.


NGO Board member and Chairperson for Economic and Monitoring Service Committee, Arthur Chingoka said the board didn't expect 100 percent compliance.


Chingoka said the best way was engaging the NGOs to understand the board’s roles and that the partners should understand their obligations to disclose budget and to ensure that the NGOs are transparent in their operations.


National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust, Civic Education Officer for Chikwawa, Joseph Chamambala who is Chairperson for Non State Actors in the district said failure to disclose budgetS could be an indication that the NGOs lack knowledge of their obligation to report their budgets to the Council and to the NGO Board.


Over 50 NGOs are operating in Chikwawa District.

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