Catholics stand on Homosexuals remains unchanged

Written by  Sam Phiri

The Roman Catholic in Malawi has said much as people who practice same sex marriages (SSM) need love, the church has not yet changed its stand to condemn the marriages.

Sitima Sitima

Recently the media was awash with reports that the head of the church Pope Francis has called on Catholics all over the world to recognize homosexuals and lesbians.

But Bishop for Mangochi Diocese Montfort Sitima said the church recognize people who practice homosexuality as people who are mentally unfit and require love.

Sitima said it was not true that the doctrines of the church have started leaning towards the practice.

“The stand of the church in Malawi is the stand of the catholic church all over the world where we recognize them as people who are not mentally fit and require love and affection from us,” Bishop Sitima said.

He said what they teach is not what they feel in Malawi but worldwide as per the Roman Catholics sacrament.

“We know that marriage was made between a man and a woman with no compromise therefore people who are homosexuals are humans who only require love and care from the church to change their beliefs,” added Sitima.

The issue of same sex marriages is still a bone of contention in most of the African states which are believed to be religious.

In Malawi the very first homosexuality couple was slapped with 14 years jail sentence for having publicly an engagement.

But human rights advocates notably Centre for the development of peoples (CEDEP) boss Gift Trapence and Timothy Mtambo of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has been speaking in support of the homosexually in the country.

They say Malawi uses the constitution and not the bible or any religious book in governing its affairs hence the need to recognize the rights of Homosexuals and Lesbians.

Recently John Hopkins said HIV/AIDS is becoming difficult to contain in the country because the country does not recognize the marriages hence having no care for these people.

They say people who practice homosexuality have also marriage partners and they tend to transfer the infections to their families.

They say during one of the meetings they had with homosexuals at Ku Chawe Inn in Zomba this year, over 60 homosexuals turned up for the meeting.

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