Written by  Maryam Kaisi

Plascon Kansai Paint has donated paint worth K1.4million to Chatikha Maternity Care Unit (CHAMACA) of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

Receiving the donation: Katumbi (L) and Gadama (R) Receiving the donation: Katumbi (L) and Gadama (R)

The donation follows a request by the CHAMACA, which is one of the highest delivering units in the southern region a few months ago.


Speaking during the handover ceremony, General Manager for Plascon Kansai, Yotam Katumbi described CHAMACA as a very important department saying it’s where life begins.


“We felt duty bound because the people that seek services at CHAMACA are also the people that we work with, so for us it is like giving back to the society,” said Katumbi.


He added: “Of course it has taken us long to respond because business has not been good, due to the political situation Malawi was going through especially during the beginning of the year and then COVID-19; but now we are getting back on track.”


According to the Academic Head of CHAMACA, Dr. Loui Gadama, healthcare facilities should provide a therapeutic environment in which the design should contribute to the process of healing and reduce the risk of infections for example clean walls.


“Our surroundings have an impact on the way we think and feel, so our mothers will be able to appreciate a bright colored environment and also a conducive working environment for the nurses and doctors,” He said.


He also thanked Plascon Kansai for the donation saying that the majority of people being treated at the hospitals are immune-compromised, making infection prevention and control vital.

He said weakened immune systems make patients susceptible to infections and having clean walls will help them minimize the potential risk of these patients.

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