Written by  Jeffrey Chinawa

The Israeli Government has pledged continued partnership with the Malawi Government in various development fields.


Speaking exclusively to MBC from Jerusalem the Israel Ambassador for Malawi Obed Joseph said his country values the historical ties it has with Malawi.

Joseph said his Government is geared to scale up partnerships that include agriculture programs, health, education and many other sectors.

The Israeli Malawi ties dates back to 1960s. Since then, the two nations have been supporting each other in various development fields.

Reaffirming his government's commitment to foster the relations with Malawi for the mutual benefit betterment of the two countries, Joseph said his country will scale up projects it is carrying out in the country as it is exploring some more initiatives.

Commenting on the recent visit by the country's Minister of Foreign Affairs Eisenhower Mkaka, Joseph said such a visit have cemented the ties between the two countries. Joseph has also described a stand by the Malawi government to open an embassy in Jerusalem as a welcome development.

"Such visits are very crucial in the relations of the two nations, they are an indication that the two countries are indeed true partners," said Joseph

In a recent media interview upon his return from Israel the country's minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Eisenhower Mkaka said Israel has made  commitments towards strengthening Malawi's human resource in various sectors of development that include agriculture and health.

According to Joseph some Jews fleeing from holocaust back in the days which was being spearheaded by the then Germany dictator Aldolf Hitler ,used to seek safety in Malawi which at time was known as Nyasaland.

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