Written by  McDonald Chiwayula
President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has called on people in the country not to lower standards on COVID-19 preventive measures as stipulated by health agencies if the fight against the pandemic has to be won.
File photo: Dr Chakwera and the Veep Dr Chilima bang heads File photo: Dr Chakwera and the Veep Dr Chilima bang heads
The President was speaking at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during the weekly Malawi Wa Tsopano radio broadcast.
"It was 177 days ago that our country registered its first confirmed case of COVID-19. Since then, we have had 5,764 confirmed cases, 4178 of whom  have already recovered, while 1,407 are in the process of recovery, " he said.
The Malawi leader said : "We  must thank God for this. We must also thank God that although we have  lost 179 of our compatriots to Covid-19, our losses have significantly 
slowed down in the past few weeks."
He said this had come about as a result of a combination of factors, including  "Your vigilance in observing the health and safety guidelines of  Government officials and your respect for health workers as they care for  the sick."
He added:"However, a big part of this windfall can only be explained by  the grace of God, for we know of countries that are reeling from more  and new waves of infection, despite being well resourced and vigilant."
Chakwera said that the country's airports have re-opened and that enabled him, the First Lady and Government officials to go on an official working visit to Zambia last week.
He said as another sign that the economy is gradually opening up from the shock of COVID-19, education institutions have started a phased approach to resumption of classes and soon sporting activities will bounce back.
The Malawi leader  echoed calls not to lower the guard in the fight against the pandemic. 
"To consolidate on the gains already realised everyone must adhere to basic tenets of COVID-19 prevention.
"The measures we put in place weeks ago are bearing fruit 
and the best thing we can do now is to stay the course. For this reason, I  have every confidence that you will continue to join me in observing the  three Ws for winning our fight against COVID-19: Wearing your mask; washing your hands; and watching your distance," said the Malawi leader.
In the past four days no death has been recorded as arising from the pandemic and as  of September 26 the country registered  7 new recoveries  bringing the total to 4,185.

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