Written by  MBC Online
Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe has come out to clear his name on a mysterious cash  deposit of K1.6 million in his bank account saying: "It was made by a yet to be identified woman."
Silungwe: " I felt the money was not deposited in good faith" Silungwe: " I felt the money was not deposited in good faith"
Social media was recently buzzing with a copy of a bank deposit slip bearing the name of Faizal Aboo  as depositor with a quoted mobile number 0999277000 on the slip.
Investigations indicate that a woman deposited the said amount into account number 1155517 belonging to Silungwe on September 18, 2020.
In an interview with the press, Silungwe said he questioned Aboo on the transaction but he denied knowing anything to that effect.
The AG took an extra step  in his investigation and in its response National Bank established that the transaction was done by an unidentified woman .
"There was a transaction to the amount of K1.6 million in cash into my account. I made inquiries with my bank, they confirmed, an Asian sounding name, as a person who purportedly deposited the money and had  indicated their phone number.
"I got in touch with the person (Aboo), but he denied knowledge of the transaction. I instructed my bank to withdraw the money from my account because I had the feeling it was not deposited in good faith and the same day the bank withdrew the money and put in their suspense accounts," narrated Silungwe.
Closed circuit television (CCTV) revealed that a black woman who  covered a good part of her face with a wrapper carried out the transaction.
Patrick Mussa, Limbe Police Station  public relations officer said Aboo lodged a complaint with the station and investigations are underway.
This is the second time mysterious funds find their way into accounts of top Government officials.
In 2015, Lucas Kondowe,former Director of Anti Corruption Bureau also had his share of the surprise when K2 million was deposited in his account.
 Investigations at the time revealed that a customer only  identified as Majid carried out the transaction, it still remains unknown how the issue ended.

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