APM condemns violence

Written by  Austin Kakande

President Peter Mutharika and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate has condemned reports of violence in the central region and in Nsanje where a woman was been beaten and her property vandalised.

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"It is very sad that this is being done and we know who is doing it, is obvious the opposition that are doing this in the centre regions we saw in Kasiya, Kabudula, Dowa and also Salima.

"This is totally unnecessary, we have contacted the Commission that our monitors were being chased away, some were beaten, Secretary General had to run into the forest to hide, Grezielder Jeffrey until they came to rescue her.

"It is very very sad that this is happening, Ithink we need to give the people, the will of the people. It is obviously people who are afraid of the will of the people who are engaged in these barbaric act, I condemn it completely," he said.

The fresh elections are happening a year after the Constitutional court nullified the elections of 2019 citing massive irregularities.

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