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Fire guts Mlambe Catholic Covent

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Fire has gutted the residence of the Catholic nuns, Daughters of Wisdom Sisters at Mlambe Mission Hospital in Blantyre.

People watching the blaze People watching the blaze


According to MBC reporter Blessings Kanache, who rushed to the scene, no injuries were reported but property worth Millions has been damaged.


Kanache said the fire gutted one of the blocks of the Convent near Mlambe Hospital, but the cause of the fire has not been established.

“All property in the affected rooms was burnt to ashes,” he said.


Blantyre City Council and Chileka Airport fire brigade teams rushed to the scene almost an hour after the fire had started.


Some nuns say they suspect that the fire was caused by an electric fault with a phone charger.


“We were not using electricity, only the phone was on the charger,” said one of the nun.

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