MUST’s high-tech lab targets COVID-19 health workers

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The Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) has dedicated a special state-of-the-art laboratory to testing COVID-19 front line health workers.

Address Malawi and Dan Namarika appreciating the electric hand washing machine Address Malawi and Dan Namarika appreciating the electric hand washing machine

This, according to MUST vice Chancellor Professor Address Malawi, would prevent health workers from becoming agents of transmitting the Coronavirus in the course of taking care COVID-19 patients.


”We have seen in other countries, even those where they have very good health systems, but if they don’t protect the health worker force, they actually become agents of spreading the disease. Health worker force is the critical component in the fight against COVID-19,” said Malata.

Among the innovations the school has introduced, is a an android based mobile application that will be tracking COVID-19  patients, and also a hand washing machine that has a sensor and users don’t have to touch anything.

The app was developed by a group of six Fourth year Business Information Technology students. According to one of them, Dalitso Nyemba, the mobile application will also be able to trace the patient’s immediate contacts, and also alerts health authorities if a patient has broken quarantine rules.

Receiving the innovations, Namarika, said the innovations would be useful in the covid-19 response. He said the onus was now on his ministry to take on board the finished products.

Said Namarika: “It’s a whole range of innovations, but also huge opportunity for more research in terms of testing and treatment that MUST is offering here. I think the issue for us is how do we work together to complete those that are in the pipeline of production.”

The school has also the Malawi Polytechnic, Chancellor College and Mzuzu university in manufacturing sanitizer and face masks  among other response to the covid-19 fight.

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