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Media Parliamentary Committee sympathises with MBC

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Parliamentary Committee on Media has pledged its support in ensuring Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) is equipped with adequate and enabling resources for its operations.


Chairperson for the committee Sam Kawale said this after touring MBC offices in Blantyre.


Kawale observed the public broadcaster needs a lot of things, including advanced equipment, to properly fulfil its obligation to inform, educate and entertain the nation.



“The tour has been very enlightening. We’ve interacted with MBC on various occasions and we’d heard some of the issues that were raised at that time,” he admitted.


“But physically seeing the situation on the ground right now, it’s evident that there’s a lot of work that has to be done. We’ve seen the state of the TV studios and it’s not pleasant.



“As the radio station, there’s a little bit of development that has happened but we feel that resources need to be provided to ensure that, as a public broadcaster, things are working well and resources are available.


“Because we know that this is an institution which is mandated to provide information, the right information, to the general public in Malawi.”


Kawale has since commended MBC staff for ably working under minimal resources.



Meanwhile MBC Board Chairperson Moffat Banda expressed optimism that the tour by the Media Committee in Parliament will lead to some of the challenges being dealt with.


“It has been a privilege and an honour for us to receive these honourable members from parliament,” he said.


“Because for a long time we’ve been telling them what our problems are, what challenges we’re facing but there were times that they thought maybe we were just exaggerating.



“But after they came today and with what they’ve seen, I think they’re now able to believe that what we’ve been complaining about is real.


“With what they’ve seen, am sure they’ll appreciate and think about the assistance that we’ve been looking for.”

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