UGI launches Auto Price to reward best motorists

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

United General Insurance (UGI) says motorists have a big responsibility to protect people's lives and property by driving safely on the roads of Malawi.

Chiwoni: 'UGI bringing more innovations in insurance industry' Chiwoni: 'UGI bringing more innovations in insurance industry'

UGI's Chief Executive Officer, Bywell Chiwoni made the remarks in Blantyre when the company was launching its new product Auto Price which seeks to reward on monthly basis customers of the company who drive safely.


“We want to reward drivers that are actually driving safely on the roads of Malawi. You are aware that there have been a lot of road traffic accidents. We were exploring incentives that can be dangled to drivers so that they should take an extra care when driving,” said Chiwoni.


MBC Online tried to understand how UGI intends to deliver on its product compliments. Chiwoni said his organisation is ready to roll the product with all its complimentary attributes saying, “this will enhance mindset change on irresponsible driving.”


“This product, Auto Price caters for any vehicle that has a value of K5 million and above. The policy holder ought to have a smartphone and download UGI app which will help in monitoring how the customers are driving. At the end of the quarter you have 30 litres of fuel as a reward and by the end of the year you can hit 120 litres. In addition you will be reducing premiums for your insurance policy when you drive safely for the entire year,” said Chiwoni.


UGI has partnered with a number of key stakeholders including Puma, National Bank and C-Track to deliver on the newly launched product.



A cross section of participants enjoying the presentation

during the launch


Giovanne Makondi of C-Track said there are technologies his company is providing to Auto Price policy holders that will enhance safety of the motorists.


“We are living in a technological world and we have smart gadgets that if fitted in your vehicle they will be a plus to your driving safety a we are able to track the location of your car in case of other eventualities,” said Makondi.


UGI is one of Malawi’s leading short term insurance companies and has been operating in Malawi for over 30 years.


In 2019 the firm won an award for being the most innovative insurance company in the country.

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