Govt condemns MCP for declaring Chakwera president, his wife First Lady

Written by  MBC Online

Government has described as a “departure from the rule of law” remark made by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka that the party’s leader, Lazarus Chakwera, is President of the Republic of Malawi and Mrs. Monica Chakwera is the First Lady.

Mkaka: Condemned Mkaka: Condemned

Mkaka is said to have made the remarks on Saturday,February 8, 2020 during what the MCP called a “Thank you rally” at Msundwe in Lilongwe.

Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology Minister, Mark Botomani,  said in a statement  the recent Constitutional Court nullification of May 21, 2019 presidential election upheld Professor Peter Mutharika as President of the Republic of Malawi until elections are held as ordered by the court. And by extension, the judgment means Professor Getrude Mutharika remains the First Lady of the Republic of Malawi.

“Any views and utterances contrary to the court’s ruling are a departure from the rule of law and recipe for violence. Malawians are aware that Msundwe, where Mr. Mkaka made the unfortunate remarks, has become a hotspot for violence. As such, the remarks at Msundwe may have been strategically made with the aim of inciting more violence. Government condemns in strongest terms the spirit of violence perpetrated by the MCP,” said Botomani.

The information minister futher questioned the rationale of choosing Msundwe as venue for the MCP rally.

“It is an open secret that Msundwe is now associated with violence. In addition, the MCP president did not condemn the unfortunate remarks by Mr. Mkaka, signifying that they were premeditated,” he said.

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