Joint Civil Society hails Chief Justice, ConCourt judges for reporting bribery attempts

Written by  MBC Online

The Joint Civil Society Platform on Good Governance (JCSPGG) has commended the country’s Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda and the judges presiding over the electoral case “for demonstrating to Malawians that the Judiciary as an arm of Government is above corruption and beyond reproach’.

Mwakasungula: JCSPGG Executive Director Mwakasungula: JCSPGG Executive Director

JCSPGG, through its Executive Director Undule Mwakasungula and National Cordinator Fryson Chodzi, were responding to recent revelations that some individuals attempted to bribe the five-member panel to swing the judgment to their favour.


“The revelations that the CJ reported to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) bribery attempts towards the Judges is a welcome relief towards the delivery of Justice and fair judgement in the stated case.


“We are more than now compelled to agree with the President of the Judges panel who stated that they will deliver their judgement based on the evidence tendered in court and not otherwise,” said the statement.


Mwakasungula and Chodzi also expressed concern that “there have been several attempts to undermine this election case through these bribes, threats and intimidation to the judges”, however, they said it was encouraging that “the five Judges have displayed highest level of integrity and the desire to bring a judgment without external influence.


“Whether someone tried to bribe or is trying to implicate someone it doesn't matter that much, the bigger picture is that Judges have sent a message that they are not corrupt and this has dismissed any fears that has been advanced that judges are corrupt. This will eventually make everyone accept the ruling and this should be a good thing to everyone”.


Meanwhile, the ACB will hold a medai briefing in Lilongwe Tuesday afternoon to update the public on the bribery allegations with regard to the constitutional court judges.


The objective of the briefing is for the Director General Reyneck Matemba to update media on action being taken on the complaint regarding allegations of an attempt to bribe the constitutional court judges.

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