Use of petrol bombs 'is counterproductive, primitive': Info Minister Botomani

Written by  MBC Online

The use of petrol bombs in Malawi and elsewhere is "counterproductive and primitive", Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology Minister Mark Botomani says expressing Government’s concern on the continued use of petrol bombs to attack individuals, several offices and houses.

Several police units have been torched, including Mpingu Unit in Lilongwe. Several police units have been torched, including Mpingu Unit in Lilongwe.

“Malawi fought for democracy 25 years ago allowing divergent views. Democracy comes with tolerance and responsibility. As a nation we must learn to live in harmony despite our differences,” Botomani said.

He said Malawians “know very well the root cause of all this destruction is the violent demonstrations which have been happening in the country, contrary to Chapter 1V section 38 of the country’s constitution,” he said.

Botomani said the chapter says “every person shall have the right to assemble and demonstrate with others peacefully and unarmed.”

He said Capital Hill condemns “these violent demonstrations and urges the organizers to immediately stop them because they are destroying the country. People’s businesses have been adversely affected among others.”


Botomani said Government assures the public that investigations “into these barbaric acts are underway and that all culprits will be brought to book.”

He listed the following properties have been petrol-bombed: Regional treasury office in Mzuzu, Karonga district council, Ministry of Information, some police staff houses in Lilongwe, house of former minister Grace Chiumia in Mzuzu, MCP offices in Blantyre, leader of HRDC Timothy Mtambo’s house, MEC Commissioner Rev Killion Mgawi.

The latest to be petrol bombed are the headquarters of the governing DPP in Lilongwe.

Police spokesman James Kadadzera belives the attcaks are coordinated and communities know some people behind these politically motivated attacks.


He said nobody so far has been arrested in connection with the violence although investigations are continuing.


The HRDC, supported by opposition parties MCP and UTM, have been staging violent demonstrations demanding the resignation  of MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah for allegedly rigging the May 21 presidential vote in favour of the winner President Arthur Peter Mutharika. 

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