Parliamentary Transport Committee to lobby govt. for Dowa road completion

Written by  Owen Zayambika

Parliamentary Committee on Transport and Public Infrastructure has asked government to complete the Dowa Road which started in 2008.











The Dowa road, a project which halted between 2011 and 2012 has a stretch of about 17 kilometres without tar out of its 40 kilometre length.

The Committee whose mandate is to influence government policies on Transport and Public Infrastructure made the plea after touring various road developments in the Central Region.

Chairperson for the Committee, Victor Mbewe stressed on the need for government to complete construction of the Dowa Boma road adding that the Committee will recommend to Parliament completion of the road.









“Dowa has one referral hospital and all the people depend on this hospital as a committee on Transport we will make sure that the roads and bridges is done thoroughly for the progress of our nation Malawi” stressed Mbewe.

Mbewe said the Committee has made its observations recommendations and will write a comprehensive report to be presented the plenary in the chamber and lobby concerned authorities for action.

The Committee also toured Airport Development Limited (ADL) infrastructure at Kamuzu International Airport.

Among others, Mbewe explained that his Committee will recommend to Parliament rehabilitation of the country’s aviation sector. 

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