'Justice Ministry budget needs to be increased’

Written by  Gladys Nthenda

Cluster No 8 comprising Legal Affairs, Public Appointments and State Enterprises Committees says the K7 million allocation to the Ministry of Justice is not enough to meet the operations of the Ministry.



Speaking to MBC on Thursday Chairperson of the Cluster Lingson Belekanyama expressed surprise that there was no budget line for the prosecution of cash-gate cases and has since proposed an allocation of K200 million to help speed up the process.

Belekanyama cited governance institutions such as Office of the Ombudsman, Malawi Human Rights Commission and Legal Aid Bureau as offices in need of increased funding.


The Committee also recommended that State Residences and Offices of Former Presidents and Vice Presidents whose fleets have been running for some time now need replacement.


Belekanyama noted that Office of the Director of Assets Declarations and the Legal Aid Bureau being new establishments also need cars as they are currently hiring vehicles for their operations.


He observed that some discrepancies in that certain areas of public expenditures were not matching with people on the ground.

He appealed to the Ministry of Finance to look into the disparities.


Commenting on the reduced allocations to some Ministries and departments, the country’s Budget Director Chancy Simwaka explained that the revised budget in January made adjustments and major items for the adjustments were salaries and servicing of debts.

He said Treasury has had to look for budget lines to reduce just to pay salaries and service debts which cannot be postponed as they are statutory.


“We did not cripple the ministries to the point of a halt. We just had to reduce just a little bit and also reduce some of the resources that were earmarked for development expenditure,” Simwaka said.


Simwaka pointed out that salaries have jumped from K163 billion to K198 billion.

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