Centre for Investigative Journalism born in Malawi Featured

Written by  Alex Mwangosi

Centre for Investigative Journalism-CIJM is established in Malawi with the aim of building capacity to journalists in the field of investigating writing.


CIJM Director Collins Mtika said the centre will be working with media houses and training institutions to improve in investigative skills including Corruption and social injustice issues.

“The Centre will promote effective, ethical and original reporting that moves beyond a simplistic focus on corrupt individuals in favor of a more systematic and contextualized exposure of corruption, exploitation and other social injustice issues,” explained Mtika.

Additionally, he said the center will focus on training journalists in Investigative Journalism-IJ, organize exchange visits of IJ Journalists within the SADC countries and organize IJ story writing competitions.

“You know in IJ one needs to follow up the issue up to the end by following ethics to avoid law suits. And what one should know is that ‘facts do not tell a story but the story tells facts’,” emphasized Mtika.

And some journalists say the centre will offer a platform for journalist to sharpen their skills in investigative journalism to have in depth stories.

MBC`s McDonald Gondwe and Stuart Matululu said the Centre was very important as far as investigative journalism was concerned as field requires special skills.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism, which has its offices in Kentam House in Mzuzu City, is implementing its project with funding from Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa-OSISA. 


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