Mary Meals feeding 700 000 children

Written by  Sam Phiri

Children that are been fed porridge by Mary Meals Malawi have now reached 700 Thousand representing 25 percent of the country primary school going children.

Porridge to continue in schools Porridge to continue in schools

Mary meals provides a daily meal in a place of learning to meet the immediate needs of Hungry children and encourage them to go to school through feeding programs so that in future they can climb up the ladder out of poverty.

According to Mary Meals financial Manager Mike Miller the number is from all the 600 schools it is currently working in.

The remarks were made when the organization received money worth 1.3million Kwacha which is to be channeled towards its school re-forestation program which has so far planted 8000 trees.

`We intend to establish woodlots in all the schools we are working in so that the trees might be used a source of energy for the cooking of energy when they grow.` said Miller.

He however showed optimism that the kind gesture displayed by FDH will propel others to support the initiative of feeding underprivileged children in the country.

`Apart from the cooking, the trees will be used to build kitchens in some of the schools we have school feeding programs.` added Miller.

Mary Meals gets its finances through individual contributions which are made by people in Europe mainly the United Kingdom.

And on his part, Head of Corporate Banking for FDH Bank Stabene Majamanda said Malawians must take a leading role in helping children in all the ways because they are the country`s tomorrow generation.

She said the work of Mary meals resonates well with their purpose of making a difference to communities and those needing assistance across the country.

`They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now; this is so because e believe that it is the right of every child to grow up in a naturally conducive environment that provides clean air, shade and ecosystem protection.` said Majamanda.

She said FDHs partnership with Mary meals is not coincidental as its their way of showing their interest in sustainable development.

`Our Corporate Social Responsibility(CRS) activities are driven by the theme GROW which stands for Giving Real Opportunity and welfare as we have keen interest on issues of to do with Health, Education and Environmental sustainability.` added Majamanda.

Since the school feeding program started, there has been great enrollment of children going for Primary school Education in the country contrary to sometime back when children would drop out of school as they could go to school on an empty stomach.

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