Norway lobbies for long term partnership with malawi

Written by  Gladys Nthenda

The Norwegian Government has put forward a proposal in its Parliament to make Malawi a focal point partner for long term partnership in development cooperation.

Malawi and Norway partnership to continue Malawi and Norway partnership to continue


Norwegian Ambassador Kikkan Haugen disclosed this during an event marking Norway Constitutional Day on Sunday. He said the proposal to its Parliament will make Malawi a member of a selective and exclusive group of countries.


According to Haugen, the move is significant as it will mean that Norway will be a long term partner to Malawi hence increasing Norway’s predictability towards Malawi‘s development efforts.


“It does not mean Norway will expect less from Malawi; rather we expect Malawi to deliver on its development efforts. It means that there will be long term commitment and our predictability will be increased” Haugen noted.


At the event, the Norwegian Ambassador said there is a growing interest for Norwegian investors to come to Malawi.


The National Day is also a commemoration of Norway’s Constitutional Day which is 201 years old founded on principles of the country’s stability, peace and democratic governance.


Norway supports Malawi in areas of education, agriculture and women’s participation in politics as evidenced in its championing of the 50-50 campaign in last year’s Tripartite Elections.


Haugen further said there is more to be done to improve women’s rights; “their participation in the formalized work sector both on individual and nation level.”


Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation George Chaponda noted that unlike in African societies where Constitutions are changed from time to time, there is a lot that Malawi can learn from Norway’s stable Constitution.


“Malawi can learn a lot from Norway; for instance Norway’s stability; its Constitution has been valid for many years unlike in African states where they change Constitution from time and again; There is always an aura of stability if the Constitution lives over the years no changes.” Chaponda said.


Among others, Dr. Chaponda hailed Norway’s support in the establishment of a Masters Programme in Administration and Management at the Chancellor College, in helping the country’s corruption drive and in eradicating poverty.

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