Truck, Double-cabin pick-up plunge into Chirimba River

Written by  Felix Pachani

A 7-tone removals truck belonging to Siku Transport this wednesday morning lost control and swept a double-cabin Pick-up truck with it into Chirimba River.

The driver was stuck for about an hour The driver was stuck for about an hour

The accident happened around 10:30 a.m. at Chirimba Bridge along the Magalasi-Lunzu road in Blantyre.


 An eye-witness who operates a restaurant close to the bridge speculates that the truck apparently had lost its breaking system.


“I saw with disbelief the truck slamming into the twin-cab at very high speed and I knew immediately that the truck’s brakes had stopped functioning,” said the lady.


The twin-cab is reported to have contained two ladies who were immediately taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for treatment.


However, the driver of the Siku vehicle was still trapped in the truck at the time and Police and by-standards were trying to free the victim using welding machines after tapping power from a near-by house.

Additionally, two minibuses and a BMW saloon car were also damaged after colliding against each other as they applied emergency brakes during the accident.


“Nobody has been injured from the mini-busses and from the BMW. Its only people in the vehicles which have fallen into the river that have sustained injuries,” said the eye-witness. 


Twenty minutes after the accident, more than a hundred people including about 20 Police Officers and two Fire Brigade Trucks had assembled at the scene to try and assist the victims.


Meanwhile, Police have barricaded the Magalasi-Chirimba road at Chirimba Bridge to allow experts to intensify rescue efforts and recover the two vehicles from under the bridge.

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