Labour Min. drums up Support for Community Colleges

Written by  Sam Phiri

Government through the Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development has called on well wishers and Malawians at large to support the community techinical colleges project calling it key to the country's development.

APM and Mussa on Community Colleges APM and Mussa on Community Colleges

The call has been made by the Minister of Labour and Manpower Development Henry Mussa just within days after Malawi Communication Regulotory Authority(MACRA) donated 50 computers to be used in the project.


"All we need to do is to change our mindset that the best jobs for our children are white coller jobs and not techinical skills.Let's supports this project with materials and our mindset because other countries have developed through the same."Said Mussa.


However Mussa trashed the comments by the doubting thomases who have called the project a failure.


Recently there have been comments from the general public that the project might not work due to lack of electricity in villages where the colleges are meant to be stationed.


"The Marlep project will address all the issues to do with electricity because we know that machinaries for welding needs electricity so everything is under control."Added Mussa.


He further added that ICT would be encouraged in all the colleges so that 80 percent of youth currently in villages should benefit.


The community colleges project is one of Democratic Peogressive Party (DPP) campaign promises in its manifesto which aims at equipping rural youth with techinical skills.

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