Midwives to serve 10,000 lives in two years Featured

Written by  Secret Bvumbwe

Malawi joined the rest of the world in commemorating International midwives day which falls on 5 May every year . 


During this year’s commemorations held at Lunzu Primary school ground in Blantyre the midwives made a commitment to serve 10,000 pregnant mothers and babies in the next two years as a way of fighting maternal mortality rate which is above 500 per 100,000 births in the country.


“The cause of these deaths in pregnant mothers is hemorrhage which is contributing 47 percent of the deaths,” said President of the Midwives Association of Malawi Dr Ann Phoya.


Phoya added that in order to address the issue midwives across the country the nurse would be trained.

“We have seen the need to train these midwives on how to handle mothers who lose a lot of blood during delivery and also how to resuscitate babies that don’t breath immediately after birth” she said.

 Dr Mcphail Magwira Principal Secretary Ministry of Health acknowledged challenges being faced by the mid wives and has since assured the midwives of governments intervention.


“Government understands that for the midwives work to be effective they need necessary training and support , some of this things are happening and we are looking into the other issues and health sector receives the largest budgetary support this show how serious we are,” he said.


One of the partners for the Association of Midwives in Malawi UNPF through its representative Dr Rogaia Abdelrahim assured the association of its support.


“Investing in human resource for health especially midwifery is a sound investment as a country can make to accelerate progress. Therefore UNFPA will continue to support midwifery and sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights for all women ,”she said.


Abdelrahim also said NFPA would continue to fund midwifery students at Kamuzu collage of nursing and midwifery at certificate and Masters Level.

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