Self Help initiative pays dividends in Karonga

Written by  Alex Mwangosi

People of Ngerenge area in Traditional Authority Kilupula are all smiles following the completion of a small bridge at Ngopyolo Village in Karonga district.

Self help initiative Self help initiative

The bridge was constructed through a joint assistance from member of Parliament for Karonga North constituency Vincent Ghambi and Self help initiative of people in Group Village headman Mwangosi.

In an interview with MBC, Village Headman Richard Mwangosi said the bridge would assist in crossing Fwira stream among school children including ox-carts and vehicles.

“Before we constructed this bridge, pupils could fail to go to school when the stream has bloated. Not only that ox-carts and vehicles could not cross as well, so thus why we decided to make this bridge,” explained Mwangosi.

He also added that the village used local labour force at no cost to construct the small bridge, which he said is going to serve close to eight villages in the area.

In a separate interview Advisor to Group Village Headman Mwangosi, Harrison Mwalughali said the small road was important since it connects the scheme to the village.

“You know this road is very important because it connects Kibwe Rural Hospital to Ngerenge primary school through Lufilya Irrigation scheme, and now we will clear it for use,” said Mwalughali.

Mwalughali also added that the Village has plans to construct culverts in other feeder paths to ease mobility problems in the area.

He, however, urged Well wishers and the corporate world to come in and assist with materials like cement, reinforcement wires and other resources to have a good road network in the area.

People in the rural areas of Malawi are very good at maintaining small roads and paths through self help initiative but what remains a challenge are materials for making culverts and bridges.

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