Mozambican nationals nabbed over human bones

Written by  Mana

Police in Luchenza have arrested two Mozambican nationals for possessing and attempting to sell 12 human bones to businessman Enock Taliana at Makoka Trading Centre in Thyolo.


Luchenza Police Officer In-charge Assistant Superintendent Isaiah Mlowoka said suspects Lex Kaitano and Never Rodrick offered Taliana the bones at K1 million.


“When Kaitano asked them where the bones were the two asked him to provide them with K2,000 transport to collect bones of which he did," Mlowoka said.

"Then Kaitano tipped the police who made themselves available as the two were coming back with the bones,” he said.

The two were arrested immediately for possessing human bones which contravenes section 16 of the Anatomy Act.

After interrogations, the suspects revealed that they got the bones from a Mozambican man in Milanje district and they will appear in court on Monday.

Lex Kaitano, 25 and Never Rodrick, 30, hails from Majawa village Traditional Authority Chindime in Milanje, Mozambique.

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