Namwera people lobbying for district status

Written by  Ronald Amos


People from Namwera in mangochi say they will not relent until Namwera gets established as a district from Mangochi. 


The sentiments were expressed during Area Development Committee meeting of stakeholders around Namwera.

Several speakers at the function who included Senior Chief Bwananyambi said the area is lacking in development hence the call.

The meeting, which started as a normal ADC meeting where participants discuss issues related to development, got twisted diverting to the district issue.

Almost all the speakers at the meeting collaborated on the call saying Namwera Trading Centre has facilities befitting a town.

Member of Parliament for Mangochi Masongola Rashid Pemba said the issue started way back when other districts like Neno and Phalombe just to mention but a few were being declared districts.
Pemba is optimistic that since the issue started long time ago the present government would do something to declare Namwera a break away district from Mangochi.

Traditional Authority Bwananyambi, who is the chair of Namwera ADC called on people in the area not to relent if they were to achieve their ambitious dream.




The Guest of Honour Director of Planning and Water Development Walter Chikuni was not happy with the inclusion of the item on the agenda.


When it was time for the guest of honour to speak he expressed his dissatisfaction on the inclusion of the item saying he was ambushed and would not comment on the issue since the speakers were asking him to intervene on the matter.

However, the people have indicated that the issue will not die saying they will devise another plan to see to it that Namwera becomes a district.
Mangochi is one of the bigger districts and it covers southern part of Lake Malawi.

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