'Lack of policy affecting agriculture production'

Written by  Mirriam Kaliza

National Small Holder Farmers Association of Malawi (NASFAM) says lack of proper policy and regulations in agricultural markets is among the hindrances affecting smallholder farmers in the country.

Farm produce Farm produce

NASFAM Chief Executive Officer Dyborn Chibonga made the remarks when the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture toured groundnuts and rice factories to appreciate value addition of farm produce.

Chibonga said farmers do not fully benefit after selling their produce due to lack of proper procedures or prices in place as everyone trades as they please.

He also noted that although NASFAM is doing well in other areas, exorbitant tariffs from ESCOM and other procedures on imported seeds
affect the operations of the organisations.

The NASFAM CEO stressed on the need for players in the sector work together to achieve more as Malawi relies on agriculture for her

Chibonga then appealed to Members of Parliament in the agriculture committee to lobby for their support.

“We thought of engaging these members of parliament so that the plight of a small scale farmer is defended and also to sell them the idea of value addition, “said Chibonga.

Chairperson for Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Felix Jumbe commended NASFAM for the value addition processes it is undertaking in its factories and that such companies are worth promoting.

Commenting on the challenges NASFAM is facing, Jumbe pledged his committee’s support in advocating for the changes across the line

“We are very impressed with what we have seen at the factories I think NASFAM has an impact on the local farmers and we should all help it,
on the challenges, the message will reach in line departments,” Jumbe said.

NASFAM operates in more than 19 districts in the country.

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